Since the Ludtringstrasse is quite new (decision for the street is from the year 2008, actual construction was in 2009) I have prepared some hints on how to find this street in Nuremberg.
Actually a problem that exists in Google Maps is, that the street is spelled wrong (Ludtrinstrasse, insteadt of Ludtringstrasse). This error has been reported via the according web site to the data supplier, the company Teleatlas, but nothing happened so far (status January 2010). Other map providers as Map24 for example find the Ludtringstrasse already, but some others also not at all.

The Ludtringstrasse connects the Loehnerstrasse and the Deinstrasse and runs in parallel to the Aeussere Sulzbacher Strasse. The postal code (ZIP code) is D-90491. The Ludtringstrasse is part of the Nuremberg urban district of Schoppershof.
The coordinates of Ludtringstrasse are: 49º 27' 37.60'' N 11º 06' 27.90'' E (at the entrance from Loehnerstrasse in the west) and 49º 27' 38.80'' N 11º 06' 33.60'' E (eastern entrance from Deinstrasse).

Here is a sketch where Ludtringstrasse is:
Thumb Ludtringstrasse Picture

or ar PDF for download. Here is the link to Ludtringstrasse in Google Maps under exclusion of any liability.


By car:
- from the north (Wuerzburg): follow the Autobahn A3 Richtung southwards until the exit Behringersdorf. Then go on B14 in direction Nuernberg.
Then follow the B14 until you pass the Tafelhalle to the left after approx 5.0 km and stay on the left lane until the merger sign into the right lane. There turn left into Deinstrasse and follow the road until the end. There take a right turn into Ludtringstrasse.
- From north east: on the  A9 drive up to intersection Nuernberg Ost, there change on A3 direction Wuerzburg. At the exit Behringersdorf leave the autobahn and follow the description as from the Wuerzburg direction..

From south:
- Either fo from A9 until intersection Nuernberg Ost and there change to A3 Richtung Wuerzburg or from A3 in direction Wuerzburg leave at the exit Behringersdorf. Then follow the description as above..

In the city:
- Best is to follow the Altstadtring until Aeusseres Laufer Tor. There turn on B14/Sulzbacher Strasse and follow the road. After some time it changes to Aeusseren Sulzbacher Strasse. Follow the road until the intersection with the outer ring (Doktor Gustav Heinemann Strasse/Welserstrasse) and cross it staight. After about 50m turn right into Loehnerstrasse. After another 50m take a left into Ludtringstrasse.
- Otherwise follow the outer ring until the intersection with Aeusseren Sulzbacher Strasse. Then turn into Aeussere Sulzbacher Strasse in direction Rich Lauf/Sulzbach/B14. After about 50m turn right into Loehnerstrasse. After another 50m take a left into Ludtringstrasse

Hint: if you miss to turn into Loehner Strasse, continue on Auessere Sulbacher Strasse for about 200m, the turn right into Deinstrase.AT the end of Deinstrasse, turn right into Ludtringstrasse..

By public transportation:
- by airplane: fly to airport Nuremberg (IATA Code: NUE). Then leave the airport and go the the subway and take line 2 or 21. Leave the subway at the station Schoppershof. There change to the bus on the west side of the road and take bus 45 in direction Moegeldorf Bahnhof until the stop Tauroggenstrasse  (2. stop, alternatively, walk south along Welser Strasse until the Aeussere Sulzbacher Strasse appox..500m). At the stop follow Auessere Sulzbacher Strasse in direction Lauf (east). Appox. after 50m turn right into Loehnerstrasse and after another 50m turn left into Ludtringstrasse.
- By train:: go until Nuremberg main station. There take the street car 8 in direction Erlenstegen until the stop Tauroggenstrasse. Exit the street car and follow the street for a few meters, then turn right into Loehnerstrasse. After approz 50m turn left into Ludtringstrasse.
Other public transportation: Go the stop Tauroggenstrasse, served by street car line 8 and bus line 45. Then proceed as descibed above.

If you use a navigation system, it is very likely that it does not know Ludtringstrasse (as per January 2010). Enter Kirschbaumweg 2 as target address and short before you reach it, take notice of the street signs on the left side.